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Co.Create is an community, content generating, social networking & marketing platform with an emphasis on making, collaboration, creativity, learning, and support. Whether you're an artist, musician, engineer, hobbyist, activist or other type of creative individual, all are welcome here!


Purpose & Goals

 All those with creative ideas are often self-motivated to complete their creative projects. Working alone however, can be quite difficult and discouraging, especially with a lack of knowledge in a particular creative process or not having access to the necessary resources or equipment to complete a project. It can be frustrating when attempting to find other liked-minded individuals that are willing to help work towards those goals. Additionally receiving recognition and funding for one’s creative endeavors can be challenging. As a result, creators spend valuable time, effort, money, and other resources searching for and obtaining what they need, while lengthening the creative process and inefficiently using resources. Furthermore, the feelings of frustration and hopelessness from a seemingly daunting task can lead creators to give up on their idea. An idea that may have the potential for making a significant change or impact on society. 


Co.Create  is a web-based platform that brings creative individuals together both in the digital and real world. It enables all those creatively inclined to work collaboratively with others who share similar ideals, assisting one another on a local and global scale, and streamlining the creative process. It assists with fundraising for creative endeavors, provides a space for creators to work on and share and sell their projects, knowledge, and resources. Co.Create provides networking opportunities and recognizes creators for their talents and effort while building a community and raising awareness for the importance of creativity and artistry, community and collaboration, education and learning, and advocacy for social issues.


Current Features

A space for discussions on all things creative
Member Profiles
Let the community know who you are, what you like, & what you create
Create or join a group & get collaborative

In Development

Spotlight & Gallery
Recognizing & promoting the works & achievements of creators
Articles & Entertainment
Content produce by the Co.Create team and members of the community

An online bulletin board. Post listings by categories, advertise for creative events, create a project, find other members with shared interests, and realize creative concepts together

Get Co.Create merch and check out works for sale by community members

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